Controlling a grid of external RGB leds

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Hi Guys,

I am currently experimenting with an array of Shiftbrite RGB leds attached to an arduino.

In the code I have it setup to address individual RGB leds and I can give them color RGB values.

The arduino is connected to my computer by a serial connection (via USB serial driver).

Currently I have been developing my own set of functions internal to the Arduino for controlling the LED matrix attached to it (e.g. turn on/off specific leds, columns, rows, pattern sequencing etc.)
but I want to start using other software based tools for creating more exciting interactions.

QC seems like a good tool for this but I am looking for some suggestions of things I should try that would be cool for real time interaction.

An obvious choice is to map video to the led matrix and then use something like VDMX for managing and manipulating the video source.

I would like to come up with some other methods and this could involve communicating with external physical controllers/sensors.

Any ideas??

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Re: Controlling a grid of external RGB leds

Hi, you mean something like this?

This was done with quartz...

We are just finishing developing an alternative to the Shiftbrite.. We've also developed a DMX head end unit.. The Kinement Art-net tools become really handy here with a bit of hacking...

Sorry am way to tired, but will come back to discuss soon.