Delicious screens

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Check these screens! touch screens in USB! ... so more gig's, more money and more products to buy.

ehemmm.. on december 19th is my Birthday so if anyone wants to send me one. XP

oficial site :

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Re: Delicious screens

I found a USB touch screen for my Dell Vosta A90 (pretty much the same thing as the Mini 9), for about 50 bucks, I'm going to convert my A90 into a tablet with it, and use it as a custom controller for Quartz Stuff I write.

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Re: Delicious screens

The only issue with these monitors is they do not use hardware acceleration, so video playback or GL on these is incredibly slow as its forced to use software drawing :(

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Re: Delicious screens

these actually look very interesting. i like the usb aspect although there is the 3d acceleration issue. so what does this mean in terms of quartz composer ? if you turn on openGL software render in your [option] prefs would that let you run QC on a mimo ?