Need help with image scanning

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Hi all, thanks in advance . I am building an comp , and I been trying to take image scanner to scan a folder and refresh the image in the compostion. here is my setup.

a webcam capturing images - save image with same name. ( 1.jpg) qc gets image but does not refresh the new image. for example. some one comming in a room. webcam takes snap. save it so the composition can use the new image. any help guys.

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toggle the update signal on the downloader, does that work?

If not, you might have to temporarily change the path to something, and then change it back the next frame.

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I keep wondering if loading

I keep wondering if loading stills with the movie loader instead would solve this, but am too lazy to try, but im-a-gonna mention it anyway... Sorry if that's a totally fruitless path.

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I would suggest saving the

I would suggest saving the image with a different name each time - 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. Then, use Directory Scanner and load the last picture in the folder. (Index at Structure Count - 1)