glsl and texture

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I'm wondering if its possible to apply to a 3d obj a glsl effect and let its mantein his original texture...


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Re: glsl and texture

short: yes

longer: the fragment shader needs to include a sampler2D (or sampler2DRect) to apply the texture. If you want lighting to work as well, you'll need to make the fragment shader + vertex shader work together to apply Lambertian shading + other lighting equations (there are examples of this out there -- including a really nice per-pixel lighting shader that looks very nice on curved surfaces).

(this is slightly different from using the texture input on the object itself -- that doesn't work due to QC's texture usage.)

Here's an example composition -- uses GLTools a tiny bit, but should work without.

glsl texture.qtz5.93 KB

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Re: glsl and texture

nice example....

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Re: glsl and texture

thanks... i'm playing with your patch... you are kind as always