Composition Loader

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Apologies for asking even more questions!

I am trying to use the 'composition loader' and the directory scanner to load compostions and play them but I also want it to output a signal to say when it has completed playing so it can move onto the next composition.

When I set the compostion loader to consumer mode it plays fine but you cannot output. In the other 2 modes I can't get the compostion to play. I did think of using image as a published output and passing it this to the top composition but this doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how to get this to work would be great. Steve

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movie loader

Try using the movie loader (it accepts .qtz's) -- this will give you a duration and an image to splat somewhere on screen. No published outputs though, so maybe that's not helpful for you...

otherwise, you'll have to make the composition output an image of itself -- consumer patches cannot have output ports, so it's impossible to have a red patch (which will render) signal when it's done.