Example Composition?

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I've downloaded the new GL tools 1.1 and I'm still a bit clueless about how to use them. I was hoping this from the post announcing it would help, but I don't see any example anywhere. Am I just blind?

"Kineme GL Polygon Offset -- useful for creating wireframe overlays (example composition included)"

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In the source zip (GLTools-1.1-src.zip), there's a folder called "compositions" that has some samples in it.

GLTools-polygon-offset.qtz is the one you're interested in.

GLTools-polygon-offset.qtz7.72 KB

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I should have thought of that. I have generally ignored the source files you post because I'm not at a point yet where I can figure them out. Should I look at others for similar examples, or is this an unusual case?

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not sure....

I'm not sure, to be honest... smokris usually does the fancy packaging stuff, and I don't download plugins from here frequently enough to know :) maybe try a couple others, and see?