Offline Quartz Crystal Audio Reactive Example

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Anyone have an example of how exactly to set up a patch for offline rendering in Quartz Crystal with audio input from a sound file? For some reason this is evading me. Do you use the Audio file Info and read through a structure? Can't seem to make that work. Thanks in advance. Casey

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You'll want to use the Audio File Input patch -- it will provide you with peaks, sample data, and an image representing the audio data from the file at the specified time, so you can render offline waveforms etc. No spectrum data yet though :( maybe in the next version...

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I'm going to upload a file

I'm going to upload a file that is typical of what I use as a starting point... just remember that the Kineme Audio File Player won't necessarily sync up to the file input if you have it in loop mode, or are driving a crazy 2fps qtz., etc... I just leave it in there for my own convenience, and so I can "hear" as I am doing my initial steps.