Wiimote - Quartz - Google Earth

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Anyone know how this is done? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHFfmgrDMn0

I'm sure the Quartz side of theings is straightforward but I don't know how you get data to GE controls.

Has anyone dabbled?

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timewarp :)

this demo was from Tiger. I'm not sure why they used QC for this -- they could just use the DarwiinRemote framework to drive GE (maybe it's applescript-aware or something?) directly.

I've done some basic stuff like that with the wiimote and QC, but without the huge corpus of data that GE has, it's always pretty limited. I'd like to know how to use that myself :)

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How does GE receive control

How does GE receive control input? I can't work out how you would get the accelerometer data to it.