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Hello all. I've just gotten around recently to upgrading to Leopard and trying to run a composition project under the new version. One of my main needs is MIDI note input which I did in the Tiger version using the QC supplied MIDI notes patch and a Javascript patch to parse the note info. I was looking at the beta version of the Kineme MIDI plugin and I'm trying to use Global Input All MIDI Notes but I don't have a handle on how to take the structure it sends out and return a MIDI note #. Are there any examples or can anyone illuminate me? Many thanks, kineme rocks!


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You'll want to look here:

(If it complains, make sure the "I want to test new and upcoming patches" check box in your profile is checked)

There are a couple new patches in that plugin that may do what you're wanting for extracting a note (Note Follower will output the last note number received, for example). There are a couple known bugs, but give it a spin and with any luck it'll do what you want, or you can yell at us to tweak it till it does :)

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Awesome, I hadn't noticed

Awesome, I hadn't noticed the MIDI Value follower in the list. That's the ticket. Thanks so much!