frame advance fwd/rev

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Okay... I am new new new. Help!!!

As a point of departure, I started out by thinking it would be a good idea to be able to control playback of a quicktime movie in the simplest kind of way using mouse (trackpad on my MBP) to advance frames with left/right ovement corresponding to fwd/rev, something like this. I have a sample clip with about fifteen frames and i just want to learn how to control its playback in these simple terms before i start implementing things like sample/hold, accumulation, etc.

Been looking at tutorials and a few patches and i get the jist of much of the basic stuff i see, but here i am stuck with something that seems like it should be approachable. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

My first goal is to get up to speed to integrate some live feed processing with contemporary dance (my wife and i are active in the San Francisco bay area). This is my first step into any live video processing.

I use Plogue Bidule and I wish to integrate audio/video via Midi (and eventually perhaps OSC, but not there yet).

Any help is hugely appreciated!

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frame control

The movie patch doesn't quite have frame-level control, but you can output the frame at a given time. To do this, right click the movie patch, and select Timebase, then select External. This will give you a new input on the patch, called "Patch Time". Modifying this value controls what time the movie player thinks it is (in effect). -- this is a bit simplified, but might get you started.

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thank you!

Happily, I just figured it out! Thank you so much for the quick response!