how to merge two glsl patch in one?

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how to merge two glsl patch in one?

exp: enviromental map + vertex noise?

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you'll have to rewrite one glsl patch to perform both functions.

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Ok... Where can I find the

Ok... Where can I find the info to do something like this? some tutorials to learn to write or rewrite glsl patch? and how to Qcfy glsl code; is there anything for beginners?

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alex drinkwater

Alex Drinkwater is really good at this sort of thing -- you'll definitely want to have him tell you some of his secrets. :)

as for QCfying, there's nothing too special -- you just can't use some of the special types, like 3d textures and cubemaps, etc. Otherwise, it's exactly the same.

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I hear my name being taken

I hear my name being taken in vain here... ;) Christopher is right- you'll need to combine the two shaders into a single vertex/fragment shader pair.

In terms of getting started with GLSL, I'd recommend the Lighthouse3d tutorials at Followed by the GLSL Orange Book. If you're not already au-fait with 3D geometry, matrix maths etc, you might also want to do what I didn't do, and get some of the basics of 3D graphics under your belt before you start. I've been recommended this book (though I haven't looked at it myself yet, so I can't tell you how good or otherwise it is).

Hope this helps,


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i decided to learn more about glsl too..and found this:

take a look at the pdf's at: "OpenGL Shading Language Course"


maybe someone out there is able to explain the specific QC items?

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Great, great friends...

Great, great friends... thanks thanks alx and echolab