iPhone apps on the web

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About a week after the app store opened Steve asked if I'd be interested in taking on a drupal module to grab all the iPhone app information and images from the iTunes store. Since I do work for Steve the answer was Yes Sir.

Besides the couple of other RSS feeds you can browse iPhone apps from Kosada's esp.eran.to without feeling dirty about supporting image leeching.

So far there have been a handful of really useful apps, but a ton of scams, games, and useless apps.

Hopefully this tides you all over until the next great Kineme plugin ;-)

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Very usefull

Very Usefull thanks ! As there is no iphone in stock in France, i can broswe app to wait !...:)

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nice, but

...why not just browse the apps directly on the app store?

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iTunes lock-in

The App Store can only be browsed within iTunes --- it has no real web presence, aside from the phobos.apple.com links which just redirect you to the iTunes Application.

Matt's esp.eran.to allows one to browse the App Store without having to install and launch iTunes (which is not possible on, say, Linux, or mobile devices other than the iPhone/iPod Touch). And to get updates from an RSS reader.

Plus Firefox and Safari provide, IMHO, a much better browsing experience than the iTunes browser --- for example, it's difficult to compare multiple Apps inside iTunes, since it doesn't support tabbed browsing, navigation to specific URLs, or bookmarks.

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app store

Ok, makes sense now. I hadn't considered a lot of that :) Actually, I had considered the use of it on machines without itunes, but I'd thought the appeal of that was pretty limited because anyone really interested in the app store would generally have either an iphone or a computer with (or capable of running) itunes. But yes, having RSS, and especially a decent browser, makes a lot of sense.