French eternal newbies.

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Hello world ! i am JeanMarcNoel, from bordeaux. As i'am 5 times a day on this's time to become a member. i'am not an objective c programmer.I think i'am not a left brain.But i'am working.I have a ten years background in video and compositing with after effects (DVD Design, corporate and broadcast), i'am teaching compositing and i'am learning c, opengl (and english...:)) "talon d'achile" is ergonomy in creative tools. Don't know if i can help you, but i love your work.

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Welcome to the club :)

That's an interesting skill set; I'm jealous :)

Thanks for the intro

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Salut JN, i love your demotape, esp. the beginning in the city. Are you working with Digital Fusion, or is this done completly under AFX ? (i'm too curious, i know). Maybe some other compositing package ... nuke osx perhaps ? Cheers and welcome.

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Hello Franz, Thanks for the comment. I'am working with After effects since version 3.1. and sometimes with C4D.


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i'm totally impressed, that someone can achieve such a nice result with After (i also started with 3.1, then moved to combustion, then fusion then nuke a bit (and lost 50% of my hair) and finally, i happen to open up aftereffects sometimes again, for text animation).

For me, it's a real pain to use After with more than 20 layers, plus the camera part is total crap. Q? : for the city part at the beginning, did you use a 3D camera ?

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thankd again :)

Yes, i use 3d camera all the to work with pictures to build 2,5D universe. J'ai vu ton travail Sur exyzt et Chateaucyborg, very interesting and nice !

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After Effects, Digital

After Effects, Digital Fusion and Nuke - you managed to avoid Shake al this time huh? :0)

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back to 2.5

i played with shake back to v2.5 when it was running on PC. then Apple bought it, and now we are at version 4 and i don't see much improvement ( maybe an automatic stabilize node, so slow you better stab it manually...) AFX is still a very good app (esp. for text animation) with nice included plug (Keylight and such...). I just don't like the layer spirit.

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six years, zero progress?

ouch, 2.5 is nearly six years old now, i should hope there would be a few noticeable differences. lemme think of things that they added - the warper morpher, several features by way of optical flow optical flow (retiming, resizing, stitching, smoothcam - yes it is quite time consuming, but the process of analyzing all pixel values and generating a vector field for each is expensive no?), multi-plane (with 3D camera import), truelight and i can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

didn't the latest version of after effects introduce a node view of sorts, or is that read-only?

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Ckeck nuke 5.0

Ckeck nuke 5.0 at It seems to be the ultimate node 3Dcompositing software.....;)

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Wow... for prices like that, I'm definitely undercharging for kineme3d ;)

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new UI

seems like they made a Fusion-like UI ..... i'm checking this right now, will keep you posted... (and yes, it is the ULTILMATE compo app)

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ultimate comp app

ok, after some tests, nuke really is the ultimate thingie.

3D compo, 3D meshes,shaders, relight, camera from 3dsmax, primatte, keylight, OFX support and the more than AWESOME built in LighWarp node... (i even found a Vray comp node that takes a whole set of Vray's render elements and comps it directly with full controls...) the most impressive are probably the optical flow node and the IBK (image based keyer)

Plus, the UI is a total copy of eyeon's FUSION - which is great. Will definetly try to buy it for some upcoming big prod.