anything new in 9a527?

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had a quick look at 9a527. doesn't seem to be anything new in there.

anyone notice any new qc nodes?

seems to me qc leopard is "done" and they are just working on more documentation, bugs and examples now.

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i vaguely recall hearing

i vaguely recall hearing that 9a466 ("WWDC") was supposed to be the feature-freeze --- everything after that being refinement.

i just downloaded 9a527, and am going to try to install it and play more with QC Leopard tomorrow night. before wiping out 9a466, i took some screenshots so i can do a slightly scientific comparison of changes in patches.

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i installed 9a527...

i installed 9a527... comparing screenshots, I notice:

New Patches / CoreImage Filters:

  • "Structure Range"

  • "Image Origin"

  • "CIAreaCummulativeHistogramAlpha" (sic.)

  • "CIMenuAppleGenerator"

  • "CIMenuBarGenerator"

  • "CIMenuGenerator"

  • "Image Debugging Info"


  • The "- Backdrops" patches have changed (we've got 4 now, rather than the 13 in 9a466).

  • "MIDI Clock" is now "MIDI Clock Receiver". Same with "MIDI Controllers" and "MIDI Note".

  • "MIDI Controls" is now "MIDI Controllers Sender".

  • "OSC Client" and "OSC Server" are now "OSC Sender" and "OSC Receiver".