FTP patch

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I am wondering is there a way to program a patch to perform FTP functions? This coup be useful for dealing with content management systems.

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Re: FTP patch

yep, there's a command line patch somewhere that should allow you to FTP.

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Re: FTP patch

i have been building my own sort of command line in quartz, for this kind remote server related quartz web site idea i have. was thinking of integrating the sql plugin and command line plugs to manage my joomla server. i have made the first step so far that is to get keyboard input to the command line. its a bit buggy, ran into problems with multi and demultiplexing the whole keyboard. apparently if you have the whole keyboard mapped to a boolean plexor, just the number keys actually send a t/f. so i made a quick logic javascript plexor to do what i wanted to do with de/multiplexing, still have to implement triple clicking, or maybe try some javascript char code key events, not sure how i will work out my second approach. i am more concerned with calling images or qc comps so a image downloader works for this patch, but you could replace it with a spotlight if you want.

so the command prompt is contextual and follows the mouse. you don't see it till you type. i would try to type /library/desktop pictures/ first to make sure its working, any directory with pics will work. instead of hitting enter key, hit and hold the f1 key, then a contextual cover flow will follow your mouse, right click flows right left click flows left. at this point you could set the enter key to trigger the index of the current picture or something loading into a layer or something.

how does that help you upload pictures via ftp? well if the patch is put put a server, it will search the domain folder or HD or whatever depending on how your security is set up. if you embed the patch as quicktime movie and stream it then you would be spotlighting or image downloading on the client machine not the server. so depending on what you want to do will determine how you embed the file. so the cool stuff. to actually do a file transfer you will need to be in unix mode. so just for starts delete the path /library/desktop pictures/ and change the path to /bin/ls then hit the f4 key.

the standard input and arguments need to be mapped. im a bit daft when it comes to actual unix commands, i kind of missed the whole unix thing, but am trying to learn to use console input for something other than logging or hacking system things. im sure someone out there knows but it seems /bin are limited unix executable commands, the commands im used to using are located in the /usr/bin directory which does not seem to work for me right now, with the command line plugin, im pretty sure its just my lack of knowledge when it comes to using command lines. i suppose you could just copy the /usr/bin commands to the /bin folder or something and be able to run your ftp right from quartz on your server or client or both ? ill sort it out over vacation, been wanting to get back to this patch for a few weeks. check it out, not sure if it will be useful. i have a easier time writing my own console commands, guess i should put time into memorizing the unix ones they seem really useful if you don't have to look them up every time you want to use them.

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