How to make a screensaver from a quartz composition with a plugin

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I have tried to make a screensaver in Quartz Composer that checks the load average value on your computer, and displays an image accordingly - a photograph of a toaster with a piece of toast in it, that gets more burnt as your load average increases.

To do this, I had to use an official plugin from apple, that is the Command Line Tool. I have attached both my composition and the plugin.

Dropping the .qtz file on the screensavers folder doesn't work, and i think this is because of the plugin. Do I have to make a mac screensaver plugin to be able to use this?

If so, how could I build that in xcode to bundle in the plugin and the composition? I have never used xcode before...

2 - images.qtz2.16 MB
CommandLineTool.plugin.zip22.52 KB

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Re: How to make a screensaver from a quartz composition ...

Can you use the CPU Load values provided by the built-in Host Info patch?