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Hi everyone

Last year i created a Core Image filter for Quartz Composer, based on the Paul Bourks article Edge blending using commodity projectors

For ease of use I'd like to make it into a custom patch, but being a novice in this field I didn't succeed so far. I was wondering if there is a template available, or if somebody can help me in any way.

Here is the filter.

with regards, Matthias

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There's a built-in template for using the supported API. We've also got a template for the unofficial api (what we use).

For just a core image filter, making a plugin probably isn't too helpful. It might be easier to use, but there will be a tiny performance hit, and users will need to install it before they can use compositions that make use of it (whereas core image filters just work everywhere).

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Makes much sense

This means I'm finished with the project, thanx ;-)

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silly question

How do I install the CI filter into my library? I really need to get my head around where everything goes with qc. I can add it to library as a macro, but I've noticed other people's comps have this patch as a ci filter on its own.

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Re: silly question


save the macro composition, put it in ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches. The macro will then appear in the Patch Creator.


10.6.x or later, create a Virtual Macro. Select patch[es] to turn into a Virtual Macro, go to Editor menu, click "Add to Library". You can then fill in the name, copyright and description & boom - immediately added to Library.

The first type of macro is good for 10.5.x and higher. The latter is good only for 10.6.x & higher.

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Re: silly question

aHh thanks so much cybero, it's been a wiggly learning curve for me with quartz, I seemed to skip over this sort of thing..thanks again

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Re: Core Image Patch Template

For those who might need the filter it can be found on Paul Burke's Site: