Tap control developer example

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Hi all, does any one still have the Tap control developer example that came with one of the early seeds of Snow Leopard? it was a x-code project example using a quartz composition, meant to have a look at it and now its disappeared from the dev examples (offline and online).

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Re: Tap control developer example

here you go i got the tap control. actually have not used it yet but being able to tap a bpm in is good stuff. i have been doing tap control all day with my iphone i got a remote i built that is sending taps. with the timer i have i can do 5 to 6 taps. don't know what i will ever use a 6 tap for but single double and triple can be used for something. i know that is an entirely different context than that of this tap control but im thinking it works on the same principle of touch events like the light table example. anyways here you go. source included if your building it with snow you might want to make sure you have 64 bit selected.

TapControl.zip10.98 KB