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I've attached the first section of my demo (1988, the C64 part). It's now 100% QC, fixed up a bit, and every part of it is commented.

In this, you'll find examples of custom timers, iterators, replicate in space, CI filters, looped timelines, and quite a lot more.

If people find it useful, I'll do the same for the other three parts.

The demo is by me, the excellent SID music is by NE7.

Err.. arse. Maximum attachment size is 2mb, and the zip is 4.9mb. Sorry! :D I'll sort it in the morning, need sleep.

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I just increased the

I just increased the attachment size limit to 20mb. You should be able to attach it now.

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And here it is!

Uploaded fine now. Thanks smokris!

[Admin edit: get file here: http://mac.scene.org/?q=node/163 ]

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today i have to do my accounts. unfair! do i have the discipline to not download it...?

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You could always download it now, and just not open the zip until later? =)

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Accounts... ewww....

have fun, toby ;)


Quartz Composer Blog: http://machinesdontcare.wordpress.com

Music Site: http://www.toneburst.net

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Error unarchiving...

Oh, please help. I am really looking forward to these! My system tries to automatically unarchive, which does not work, and I get an "Error 1 - Operation not permitted" message when i try to do it manually. I'm still on 10.4.11-- that can't be the cause.

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leopard too

Happens on leopard too. looks like the archive is corrupt or incomplete (even command-line unarchiving fails)

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Oops, try again

Yeah, same thing happens here.

I'm not sure what use it will be on tiger though - I've used a lot of leopard only patches. Most likely it either won't load, or it'll load but have a lot of patches missing.

There's a video of this part of it here, so you can see what it 'should' look like: http://www.vimeo.com/833598

Chris: Is it possible to edit a comment at all? The corrupt archive should be deleted really, to save on wasted time and bandwidth :) I thought maybe re-uploading would overwrite it, but it just failed to move the file after uploading.

Oh, actually, I'm now just getting 'file upload error' even after renaming :/

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Download link

Actually, you could grab the file from here: http://mac.scene.org/?q=node/163

I think you can just download the file from there, and it's not corrupted. Let me know if there's any issue with it.

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I'm not sure how much users can edit their comments; I'll have to check that out sometime. In the mean time, I've removed the file, and added the link you posted in its place. Hope that's ok (if not, let me know, and I'll re-edit to your liking)

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fyi, i can edit my own comments..

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I'm pretty sure everyone can edit their own comments, but I'm not sure about attached files etc. They can probably do that too, but I wasn't sure, and was too lazy to test when I could just do it myself shrugs (3..2..1.. kineme is a police state! ;)

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Edit: Yes and no

Looks like I can edit any comment apart from that one! Take a look at the screenshot - an edit link by every other comment, none by the one with the attachment. Guess having an attachment somehow disables it. It doesn't matter, the admin edit is fine.

Edit: "File upload error. Could not move uploaded file." again.

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Security vs. Functionality

Last night I made some server-wide changes to improve security, and it appears I accidentally clobbered the attachment-upload functionality --- uploading attachments requires one additional access permission I hadn't enabled.

I think it should be working again now.

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'no edit'

Try again.. Yeah, it's attached this time.

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Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you!

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Once again, thank you.

You've probably forgotten you ever made this, it's been so long... ;) It has really helped me get on with QC and once again I express my appreciation.

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the irishman's guide to quartz composer...

here on my dev blog are a few lessons on quartz all very basic and probably not the best way to do it but sure... sharing is caring ;)

Setting up quartz


lesson 0 why quartz (prob not very relevant if your on this site ;)


lesson 1 the cube and some basics


lesson 2 publishing inputs to vdmx


lesson 3 lfo and interpolation



ps quartz crystal is exactly what i have been looking for :) no more screen captures!!