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Hi, I'm an ex academic that loves playing about with computers and stuff. Unfortunately the Physics department was closed and I had to get a proper job, designing digital TV systems.

I love building hardware and writing applications.

Thanks for the Wii remote patch. Take a look what I did with it this weekend at:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Mac_Apps/Mac_Apps.html

I hope to contribute a bit more soon.


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Just a heads up

Users of the Wii Kaleido Cam will need to install the Wii patch (unless the app does it for them, I haven't checked) for it to work properly. I'm disappointed that I'm away from a Wiimote, otherwise I'd give it a spin :(

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More Wii

Thanks for that I have now included a package that installs the patches as well as the application.

Also this weekend I have re created my Sauce Bottle game (first published in "Let's Compute" some time in the late 80's) In the original a mercury switch was used, connected to the user port, on a BBC micro. In this up to date version the Wii is used to empty a sauce bottle, very silly and pointless.

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