Kineme3D-MDD file import and playback


I would be great to have the option of loading a MDD(Vertex Keyframe Animation) file and apply it to the corresponded OBJ file and control the playback framerate... this kind of file is a widespread output option in common professional 3D programs...

  • Rasmus Linck

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MDD looks like it doesn't require an OBJ file (or anything else, for that matter), as it stores vertex data itself.

Do you have any sample MDD files you can submit so I can inspect the format and try to add support for it in a future release?

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So, I got some mdd's (Thanks to the yuva crew), read some quick docs, and wrote a parser in my head -- tested with a hex editor, everything worked out well, first try (it's really that simple) -- however, there are some deadly problems with this currently:

The MDD format only stores frames, like MD2 -- no division into takes/poses etc. It also doesn't store Normals (not a big deal, we can generate them), nor texture coordinates (this is a big problem).

MDD's are apparently designed to be used closely with OBJs (refuting my idea in the previous post that obj's wouldn't be required), which means that if fbx mixes the vertex order (which it does), triangulates (which it does), or does anything unexpected (it's been known to happen), we can't use MDD data without writing out own OBJ loader to keep everything sane... :(

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Hi Thanks for looking into


Thanks for looking into this... :-) your right about the the obj file, you make a animation and then saves the model on frame1 out as an obj file, then outputs the mdd file containing the vertex position data per frame(the animation must contain the same vertex numbers/amount throughout the whole sequence), and then opens the obj file in another 3d program and applying the mdd file on the obj model thus transferring the animation to the model in another program...

  • Rasmus Linck

mail's picture regards the the regards the the texture coordinates, I think they are stored in the obj file...