OSC Input/Output

http://www.nervousvision.com/ requested this feature back in december 2006. I think I remember http://nosuch.com/tjt/ requesting it on the QC mailinglist a while ago, too.

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OSC plugs and QCLeopard

Some (aka, anonymous under NDA) say that QC Leopard (3.0) support OSC natively.... (didn't install Leopard myself, so i can't confirm that) I the meanwhile, here's a QC plug that DOES osc, however it won't work with Leopard.... give it a try (source code by Lalalila) : http://www.megaphile.com/file/3210/P5-QC-zip.html

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I've attached P5_QC.zip to this post, so you don't have to use that "megaphile" downloader thing.

P5_QC.zip581.81 KB