hi, Kineme. As you know, VDMX works great with QC, and I love VDMX for it. BUT, in the last beta when you trigger a composition the sistem freeze for a second. I post a topic in the vidvox forum, but they couldn't solve the problem. Maybe you can? I don't understand the problem really, but i'm sure you can understand it... or maybe only the Apple's programmers could do? anyway, thankx Mprack

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i forgot this

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Actually there are a lot more issues with VDMX + QC. I've only used it briefly, but managed to find quite a few nasty problems. This has reminded me that I've not had time to file bugs with vidvox too :/

But anyway, be very careful when using 'fixed size' elements (i.e. stuff that has a fixed pixel size). I had quite a few issues with that, like rounded rectangles becoming square and anti-aliasing not working at all (perhaps VDMX isn't passing rendering destination info back to QC?).

It also crashed quite a lot on me - perhaps because it's a very complex + resource intensive composition I was running, I've not seen huge numbers of complaints so it can't be that bad overall :D

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This is mostly an apple-only problem at this point -- if it deals with drivers, we don't touch those. Also, texture/image management on QC we don't touch very much, because it's very complicated (and apparently bug-prone ;)

If we can get some more information on the nature of the bug (how to reproduce it, how it behaves), we might be able to do something, but that depends a lot on how it works...

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thanks for the reply! and

thanks for the reply! and sad for the news...