Spooky send tech question

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Hi folks. first, thanks for the spooky patch, it has proven to be amazingly usefull.

Right now i'm using it to send picture data (1200*450 pix.) from one comp to another. Let's say from comp A to B. However, my comp A runs at 60 FPS, but my comp B runs at 20 FPS. How does that affect rendering speed ? Is the spooky patch (from comp A) sending at 60 FPS ? On should i time the spooky patch (with a pulse on the Enable input for instance) to make it run at slower speed, so that i gain a few FPS ? - i've notice that the Spooky send is a pink patch, so normally it should send at the comp. framerate... right ?

More generally, how does sending pictures via Spooky impact on speed ?

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dictionary attack

Spooky Send is more like "Spooky bulletin board" -- the sender can update faster than the receiver, and it's all good. The receiver will obviously miss out on some of the values, but nothing bad will happen.

(Behind the scenes, the sender updates a pointer in a dictionary, and the receiver reads it -- only 32 or 64 bits are sent, regardless of the actual data size)

Slowing down the sender might help the receiver composition speed up (that's a function of QC/load balancing, not related to spooky send/receive).

Spooky send updates once per frame (perhaps once per changed input? so if the value doesn't change, it doesn't bother updating anything).

sending pictures is just as expensive as sending strings, numbers, or whatever. no data transmission happens, just a pointer copy. (The expensive part is the dictionary lookups and insertions, which are part of NSMutableDictionary).