Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl Heightfield / Rutt Etra (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.06.30
Compatibility: 10.5
Required plugins:

I wrapped up the basics of something I've been messing around with. Sometimes I wrap it in lighting like I have here, sometimes not. I also like popping the whole thing in GLSL (which can't be done with the GL Heightfield or the Rutt Etra).

I also like to dig in and add stuff like 3D noise, warps, twister, etc...

I'm uploading it in "faceted"/"textured" mode.

To get something more like what people are used to with the Rutt, put the normals on smooth, and/or pop on the wireframe more, or texture. There is lighting on this patch as well, so that's not typical of the Rutt style either.

I uploaded it with the faceted blocky thing as the default, because it looks really unique and I've never seen anything quite like it. Reminds me of Q-Bert and Picasso at the same time.

Apologies in advance if anything is whacked out. .. this was an ultra quick one, and I wouldn't be surprised if I mis-labelled something or another.

For you Terminator freaks, like Dust, take something like this and pop it in a metallic looking GLSL, such as the Environment Map or Glossy Wet.

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cybero's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

This looks like it can really go through a whole lot of changes. Very 3D game engine like.

dust's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

oh man it makes my nose into a giant mountain..

williamcotton's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

George, that is pretty awesome. I've never seen a 3D render from a 2D source... and it's such a simple concept as well! Gotta mess around with some video and animations as input sources...

gtoledo3's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

Thanks all.

This is one I've had on my mind since way before the Rutt popped up... shortly after getting into QC and compiling the GL Height-field.

It was very gratifying for Chris to add the extrusion from depth map capability to kineme3D, it's been something I've been dying for - for this, and for typography stuff.

It's cool to get stuff like this going with GLSL itself (as I have seen experimented with recently), but I like the fact that you can do the depth map with this, and then use GLSL over it. That's pretty powerful. Also, it's not as quirky from system to system, like GLSL stuff and displacement can be.

I think this idea almost could only work how it should (to me) in an environment like kineme3D.... there had to be some way of it having real normals, faceted or smooth, and still being able to put a shader on top (not used in this example). The GL Heightfield couldn't really be "mod-ded" into doing this.

So, I have had this qtz on my mind for over a year or so, but was never able to make it until recently. The faceted "q-bert" look... I SO had that in my brain, and was thrilled that it actually worked like I expected it to. I also liked the visual quality of the image, and the way that polygon mode works with this. It was like it was meant to be :)

dust's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

oh i get it now it turns you into q-bert that is why the nose is long. what ever happened to that little guy.

gtoledo3's picture
Re: Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl ...

You must just have a bright nose ;o)

I was thinking of the q-bert game board more than the character, but if something is bright enough, and the z position is tweaked, it will look like an open tube it popping out from the picture, to the screen, and you see back to the clear backing.

So, I guess one could get a weird aardvarkian space creature nose going.

It also reminds me of that old blocky White Stripes vid, even though it doesn't look like that.