gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Author: zanroversi
Date: 2011.04.28
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:


This is gears simulator, click on gears to adjust number of teeth and angle.

The composition editor shows the "gear tree", you can add, remove gears...

I didn't managed to iterate, if anybody has an idea, thank by advance !

Sorry if I posted this first in the wrong place...

have a nice day

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Impressive ! Bravo Jef !

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Again, thank you for sharing this !

zanroversi's picture
Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Thank you !

In addition to the articulated arm simulator, I dream about a general purpose mechanical simulation environment... This may be a strange idea to make this with QC but it look exciting (and useful) to me !


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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Very very nice work!

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

really interesting :-)

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Superb. Impressive. Excellent. Thankyou.

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Great Work!!! You made my day, love to see complex stuff like this done in QC alone - Also your layout is well organised too (well most of it ;)

Any reason why you used strings instead of structures to pass all the data around? you didn't want to use javascript or external plugins? If your not sure what I'm on about have a look at the attached composition - would make things a bit neater and save you a lot of time wiring things up.

Also why do you pass the mouse data along the chain? just for neatness?

If your interested in this area you should check out the work being done by some Hungarian colleagues at (which seems to be temporarily down right now) - There looking for collaborators and you can even download their software which is like a MMPORP for robots.....well not really but it makes me think of one as the robots and controllers can be in separate locations.

Here are some you tube videos of their work

Basics-Structures-Finished.qtz8.78 KB

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Re: gears generator (Composition by zanroversi)

Thanks a lot to all of you ! I feel good reading your comments ;) because I develop alone for a long time. It's quite a challenge for me to show something. be careful, I won't stop !

jrs, thanks for your comment, advices, links and javascript sample (which is very new & interesting for me).

In my practice of QC, i use "what I understand only". Is there a problem with strings to pass data ? is it a question of performance ? I rather use structures today in case of mixed data types but sometimes, strings seem to be easier to redistribute numbers and colors only.

And you guessed it well, passing mouse datas is for neatness and conveniency for adding other gears.

I've posted just a few minutes ago a topic in "general discussion" about outputting datas from QC. Virtual articulated arms, IK, "remote-handling" and real-world action are very interesting to me, especially with a QC-brain !

The work of VIRCA seems amazing ! There something like a "mise en abîme" truly surprising.

have a nice day and thanks again !