New demoscene demo made with QC (not mine)

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I'll point out right at the start that I had nothing at all to do with this, just saw it on and noticed it was built with QC.

It's called "Do not forget to save" by "Slightly Educated Bastards". Screenshot, download link, etc. are here:

There seems to be a bit more interest in using QC for demos lately. There was a discussion thread on pouet in the last week asking how to handle mp3 playback (not related to this demo as far as I know), this demo, and some discussion on irc. Curious, as it seemed nobody was interested a year or two back.

I'm working on a new demo myself lately, if it's done in time I'll release it at the sunrise demo party here in the UK (see if anyone's interested - looks like it should be fun). Not sure if I'll use QC in it or not at this stage - it's almost pure shader, currently running in QC but it'd be fairly trivial to move to pure openGL.

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Re: New demoscene demo made with QC (not mine)

That is interesting, that QC is finding its way into the demoscene, albeit as a platform specific distribution.

As you state, QC OpenGL can be ported out into an OpenGL executable.

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Re: New demoscene demo made with QC (not mine)

Yeah. Hopefully it'll get more people into the demo scene, and more people into QC. I really think QC is a good way into the demoscene, it really helps you learn how realtime graphics works, and gives you a less "heavy" path into things like openGL + shaders.

(And as to my work, the openGL port would be totally trivial - it's a single polygon and one shader. I'm doing more raytracing :) It's more things like timelines I might need to spend some time on.)

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Re: New demoscene demo made with QC (not mine)

That demoscene piece is child's play, don't you think?