3D Movement Automation Tool.

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Hi guys, long time reader first time poster, I've had this problem that's driving me mad and wondered if you could shed some light on it for me:

I'm using the 'trackball' patch in order to control the movement of this video layer in 3D space. With 'trackball' you can only control the motion with your mouse which isn't the most accurate thing. I'm looking for something time-based where the video layer could float in 3D space according to some tracked points like in a motion tween (if that exists for this program). Otherwise if there was another method to move things smoothly like using your computer keyboard inputs to move things along at more precise increments.

I tried a patch called '3D transformation' but didn't get too far. I could only shift it up/down/left/right--wasn't sure how to tilt it and plot a smooth motion.

Let me know any tools you think may be helpful to me!


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Re: 3D Movement Automation Tool.

You want to investigate the timeline patch... if your use to using standard motion tweening in things such as flash youll be right at home.

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Re: 3D Movement Automation Tool.

Yeah, the timeline patch is really excellent.

Other than that, you can use the Kineme Value Historian. Other routes are less direct, but might work. You can do things like have a variety of interpolation patches or lfo's attached to multiplexers (like a switcher), with the interpolation patch programmed with the start and end points, probably in no repeat mode. You can place time of the interpolate to external base, and trigger a stopwatch at the right moment.