Cannot access GL Look At or GL Camera in QC 4.6, Lion

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Hi I'm trying to do some camera movement in an QC GL piece, using GL Look At or GL Camera from thr Kineme GLTools plugin. These patches appear in QC 4.0 on my laptop, running OS 10.8.3.

What is strange is that they do not appear in QC 4.0 running on my production workstation, with OS 10.7.4. All the other GL Tools show up there though.

Both systems have GLTools 1.6 installed, dated 2010 03 10

IS there a compatibility issue between the various QC's, GLTools and OS's? I've checked in these forums and elsewhere online but no one else seems to be having this problem.

thanks Bruno

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Re: Cannot access GL Look At or GL Camera in QC 4.6, Lion

The headline of my previous post should read "Cannot access GL Look At or GL Camera in QC 4.0, Lion"

PPS - By searching on "GL Camera" I just found an older posting about these patches being private. Setting the "QCShowPrivatePatches" option exposes them. I had previously searched on "GL Look At" without any luck.

I'm still uncertain about whether the camera patch should be embedded within my other object transform (3D transform) or vice versa. Also, whether GL Camera or GL Look At is preferred. Any tips would be appreciated.

thanks Bruno