Delay Signal

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Has anybody been able to create a patch that functions as a delay for a signal?

Imagine pressing a key and the signal is delayed 1 second before arriving at the rendering patch. I know this is a classic action in computer science but I can't figure out how to cleanly delay the signal and allow for multiple signal to reside in wait.

Any tips are appreciated.

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Re: Delay Signal

Did you answer your question by yourself with this post?

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Re: Delay Signal

The awesome ac tools plugin has a patch for this and a number of other cool features

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Re: Delay Signal

It's extremely easy -

Sample and Hold your value.

Flip a multiplexer to the result of that sample and hold, at a given time. That multiplexer switch between result value of one patch, and the sample and hold patch, can be facilitated by a stop watch, by a smooth, by an integrator, or any other number of patches.

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Re: Delay Signal

Great patches, these will be of much help thank you.

I'll give it a try gtoledo, thanks for the input