Final cut xml

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Has anyone tried importing a Final cut xml into quartz composer?

I had a look and I found it too complex.

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Re: Final cut xml


I had a look and I found it too complex.

Get Text Wrangler.

Some re-editing of text only PCPXML exports , not including the Special Conventions variants, is usually required.

File URLs tend to be file://localhost/... in type and need to be re-edited is my approach on that front.

Get used to using Find & Replace.

Otherwise a lot of the information the XML relates not one jot to an actual output or even final products meta data and can be ignored if not cut out entirely.

You don't even get chaptering. It's great for making FCP Projects more exchangeable between FCP users, it does little for running clips in QC , unless the clip is used either in situe in the FCP Project folder for FCP events or else you've re-edited the XML FCP exported to work for your QC Project directory and copied the clips to there and their codec is supported by the stock QuickTime [Movie Importer] or Kineme's Video Player patches or v002 Movie Player.

You'll benefit from using Structure Index Member end Key patches yo sift through the structure for the file path or file information you won't to exploit.

Just use XML Importer.