HTML embedding broken?

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Question: Is it still possible (Lion) to embed Quartz Compositions in web pages (for OSX Safari users)?

Discussion: The documentation - - suggests that Quartz Compositions shouldjust work, when embedded in web pages, but I'm seeing a 'Missing Plugin' message.

Doing Safari > Help > Installed Plug-ins doesn't show a plugin configured to handle .qtz files, but browsing to Library > Internet Plug-ins, I have a copy of Quartz Composer.webplugin

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: HTML embedding broken?

You are doing nothing wrong at all.

Although the .webplugin is installed, currently .qtz files are not functional within Safari on Lion for me neither.

The results you get for installed listed and installed physical are reproducible here too.

at least, at present ..

As I type the developer's site is being updated, but Missing Plug-In is the message in both the default Safari and Webkit Nightly build too.

Perhaps this is going to be attended to.

Just been browsing further - the following is from the Safari Developer notes

Plug-in Support in Safari 5.1

In Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.6, all browser plug-ins run in their own process, improving browser stability and security. Netscape plug-ins continue to work in Safari with no modification. However, Safari 5.1 does not support WebKit plug-ins. The WebKit plug-in API is not compatible with the new process architecture and is being deprecated. Plug-in developers currently using the WebKit plug-in API should adopt the Netscape plug-in API in order to be compatible with Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.6. You can find the documentation at WebKit Plug-In Programming Topics.

The following URL provides NPAPI example plugins ->, or check them out with SVN:

just cross posted this to Stack Overflow too :-)

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Re: HTML embedding broken?

Really? That's crazy and kind of sad (about the webkit plugin deprecation).

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Re: HTML embedding broken?

Just requires the creation of an NPAPI conformant version. [More easily said than done of course].

Actually if you think of the number of currently deployed browsers that already have NPAPI support


Google Chrome

Espial TV Browser


Mozilla project applications, including



Mozilla Application Suite



it makes a whole lot of sense to adopt NPAPI and kick out WebKit API. Makes work for us all of course, plugins, updating media installations and so on.

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Re: HTML embedding broken?

im confusing .. so there is no way to include a composition into a web via html ???

and.. someone can link me a website wich include a interactive composition or similar?? thanks!!