Kinect and Mavericks w retina new Macbook Pro

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Is anyone else having issues with the Kinect and the new Macbook Pro? I've been so stoked to have the latest model mac but I can't get the kinect to work smoothly. It seems to last about a minute before it freezes.

I was hoping this was a kinect issue or power source or something but I've now tried two kinects.

The attached is a very simple kinect file i've been using for years.

I also tried it with TuioKinect and it freezes after a minute.

Has anyone had this issue? I'm really bummed as I'm playing a show soon and all of my favorite stuff is doing effects on silhouettes. If you have any insight please share. Thanks.

kinect_depth3.qtz4.5 KB

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Re: Kinect and Mavericks w retina new Macbook Pro

Hey I tried it on my macbook pro running mavericks and it fired right up and running like a champ. Did you copy and paste all of your plug-ins and patches from your old mac. Because one day recently i was rushing to get something working and finished in time and I was working with 2 macs, one with lion the other with mavericks. I ended up getting them all mixed together and corrupted my backup and had an instant mess. I would start fresh, I try and keep a folder with all my .zips of my downloaded patches and plug-ins as a back-up .

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Re: Kinect and Mavericks w retina new Macbook Pro

I have this "one minute issue" and solved it. Some kinect models needs a firmware update apparently. I was in the middle of a project when i bump into this. I figure this with the Microsoft guy who sold me the device on the microsoft store. I want to return it, because i thought it was broken. He don't believe me when i describe the one minute behaviour and plugged in the device in a Xbox, just to check if the console will recognise it. That did the trick, the Xbox interface inform the firmware was outdated and asked for an update. After that it worked like a charm.

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Re: Kinect and Mavericks w retina new Macbook Pro

hi there.. i'm totally new on kinect and stuffs.. after a lot research it seams that the model i have isn't good for that. I have the same problem, and i using a model 1473, what i'm doing wrong?

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Re: Kinect and Mavericks w retina new Macbook Pro

Yes, unfortunately, at this time, libfreenect does not yet have robust support for Kinect Model 1473.

Until libfreenect figures out how to support Kinect Model 1473, you should use a Kinect Model 1414.