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I want a QC Comp to have 2 inputs, an OSC and a MIDI in this case, but it can be any two different inputs. These will go from 0-1 for this example.

I want a patch to "listen" to both sources and "select" one of them for use based on which was used last. So say the Vj is using a MIDI controller, I want to look at the MIDI for future signals based on the assumption they are still using it.

If the user were to engage an OSC device or another peripheral, I want the patch to now "listen" to that source and follow the same rules.

So far...

I have tried using the watcher and pulse patches in various combinations with a toggle switch but have not come across the desired effect.

If anyone else knows how to listen for sources and switch to the last used source for future commands that would be great!


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Re: Listen to Source

Hi, try this :)

best jens

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Re: Listen to Source

Hey Jens,

Thanks a bunch, that was really handy. Tis exactly what I was looking for!