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Hi There Great Community:

I am new in this Forum, and I would like to say thanks in adavance for all your help.

recently I have tryed to download the kineme miditools without successfully, I have readed that it´s only possible if you are Proud Member in this site, Could any one help me, how to get it? I want to say thaks again for all the support founded in this site.

All the best


PD I was tryiing from this http://kineme.net/MIDITools20080205beta

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Re: MIDITools20080205beta

Hi, @Aliciaco. Try this:

  • Click "My account" in the menu on the left
  • Click Edit
  • Select the "I would like to beta test new and updated software." checkbox.
  • Click Save

Then you should be able to download from that link.

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Re: MIDITools20080205beta

Thanks it worked !!

Have a nice Weekend!