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Hi all,

Looking for a quick pointer - I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

I'm trying to use a multiplexer to switch between a few stored Image patches and one Image Importer patch. What I'd like to do is link input from the Keyboard patch to create the index number used by the multiplexer, so that (for example) key 1 would set a value of 0, key 2 a value of 1 etc.

I can't quite find a patch which will take a True or Pulse input and generate a number - what am I missing? Even better would be a patch with multiple input triggers generating one integer output - like a reverse multiplexer :) as that would cut down all the extra little patches I'm currently considering.

Am I miles off? Any ideas gratefully received!


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Re: Multiplexer

Try the Freeboard custom patch from Kineme

It will give you the actual typed character instead of a boolean. You will need to throw in a "Sample & Hold" there too to make it useful for the multiplexer.

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Re: Multiplexer


Thanks :)