Quartz composer to Syphon audio problem

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Hi there!

I’m piping some videos with sound from Quartz Composer >> Syphon >> Modul8

The problem I’m having is that when I fade down the video layers in Modul, the audio continues playing from the QC Viewer.

I’d really appreciate any ideas on how to keep the sound coming through the Syphon input but not hear it out of QC.

Thanks very much, jes

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Re: Quartz composer to Syphon audio problem

Can't you just mute the video players?

If the sound is required, it get's a little tricky, as you have to simultaneously control modul8 and QC. Maybe you could do it via a midi control linked to both the video fade and the volume of the video player?

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Re: Quartz composer to Syphon audio problem

As far as I know, QC isn't handling any audio at all (so doesn't Syphon). The Movie Importer patch gives the audio data to the MacOS which plays it through the speakers (or what ever playback device you configured). You may be able to use SoundFlower to capture the audio output of QC and feed it back in into Modul8 as a independent sound input? Just an idea, not sure if this will work out.