RSS feed length

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The rss importer seems to be limited to a length of 15 articles. Is there any way around this or possibly an alternative patch?

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Re: RSS feed length

I don't think the RSS Feed Importer patch does have such an arbitrary cut off limit.

Please see attached the following Articles RSS Visualizer - RSSMoreThan15ArticlesForSure with articles from Just_A_QC_Blog.

My current count is 20 articles from a blog that has 67 available posts currently.

I just rolled this one straight out of the RSS Visualizer template.

The missing 47 articles are not listed as they aren't being put on the RSS "tray" by my chosen feed aggregator mechanism - RSS Graffiti.

I wondered if I could export all the RSS articles and try a local URL workaround, or adjust the amount RSS Graffiti pushes through...

Good job I had a closer look into RSS Graffiti's innards prior to posting, as RSSGraffiti can only publish up to 25 stories per any given 24 hours time window - see RSS Graffiti Support.

Not all RSS aggregators are made equal and you'll need to closely examine the support pages for the RSS aggregator you are choosing to use.

Feedburner and Hootsuite seem to be very popular amongst RSS Feed employers.

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Re: RSS feed length

Thanks cybero, the feed is the rss hashtag feed provided by twitter by entering the following url this must be limiting it to 15 tweets. Still on the lookout for a workaround but now i know where to look! thanks again