Send MIDI when QC or Quartz Builder made app is not in focus

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I wonder if it's possible to make a composition or a QuartzBuilder app send MIDI when it's not in focus. As soon as I put another app in focus my composition won't send anything.

I'm making a little app that converts keystrokes from a Makey Makey ( to MIDI and it kind of defeats the purpose if I have to have my QuarzBuilder app in focus the whole time for it to work. I want it to just work seamlessly in the background. Is this possible? It feels like I'm just missing something.

The MIDI receiver patches works when the QC or QuartzBuilder made app is in the background but MIDI sender patches doesn't.

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Re: Send MIDI when QC or Quartz Builder made app is not in focus

sending midi cc via a stock sender patch works in the background.

are trying to note outs or cc outs ? are you using stock patches or kineme plugins ? are you using the quartz builder template ? do you have pause when unfocused selected in QB advanced settings ? do you have your IAC bus turned on ?

• here is a midi cc send working unfocused (see patch) and try (qb app)

• also you could try my midi note sender....

• see pics for qb app running in background and applications receiving midi cc and notes in the foreground.