Send OSC from QC to Ableton Live

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Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to send OSC to ableton Live from Qc, I know a lot of people do the it in reverse as launching videos when some clips are lanched in Live, BUT for a project I need QC be the "master' as I can launch clips when things happens in QC... I try to do it with Send OSC and live plugin LiveOSC , but it doesn't work...

I didn't find any tutos on the web to be sure I connect correctly the things and get the good port numbers...

I'm a bit lost...anybody can help me?

I'm with OSX 10.8 - QC 4.6 and Live 8

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Send OSC from QC to Ableton Live

Hello, first post in here. I'm having the same issue, which I actually am partially solving using MIDI Controllers Out patch to send MIDI controls to Ableton live, kinda like a virtual MIDI controller. I send this messages trough my IAC bus. This workaround seems to have severe limitations, anyhow. You'll be able to control almost everything controllable in Live, but the thing I still haven't achieved is to get some important infos from Live to QC, i.e. volume per channel (which would be totally awesome). I am working to this in my spare time, and i recently ended up finding this the GitHub LiveOSC repository: Here it seems you can find the complete list of LiveOSC API OSC callbacks, but anyhow I've tried this and it does not seem to work. I suppose I gotta dig a little more to understand this; according to my past experiences with OSC I think it may be because Ableton may work kinda like Synapse for Kinect does, meaning it must first receive a message from somewhere, and then it sends out the output you want. Max/MSP is the way to go if you want to easily achieve what you ask, since Max is natively supported in Ableton Live (you have max for live patches ready to do that job if you want, and it's easy to control both Live and QC from Max). I'm actually gonna give a try to pureData and LiveOsc to do the same if I end up not being able to get those messages from LiveOSC directly into QC. Same as you, I can't get if this is a LiveOSC issue or a QC OSC one (QC has some strange behaviours with OSC as I've experienced in the past).

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Re: Send OSC from QC to Ableton Live


try using OSCulator ( ) - this is a great tool for routing OSC data from QC into Ableton Live (or other apps). See attached - this takes inputs such as /one, /two etc and maps them to MIDI CC data together with a sample Ableton project.

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