how to disable qtz preview in finder

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Hi All,

Is there some way to disable the preview of qtz files when the finder is in column view? pre lion you had the option of minimizing the preview pane in the last column to only display the file meta data (name, kine, size etc) but in Lion your forced to view a render of the currently selected file.

I find this super annoying as I often tend to forget about it and end up with two instances of the composition running which with large compositions grinds things to a halt. Its also a pain in the butt to start a composition, go back to finder, click a different file and then go back to QC.

I seem to remember some input field you could use that gets set to true when its a preview but I can't find it anywhere.

Cheers James

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Re: how to disable qtz preview in finder

Finder / View Options / Flag for no Icon Preview / Set as Defaults globally.

No doubt about it, QuickLook and QC can create problems on QC Developer machines, especially in my experience to date, with many perfectly goood OpenCL kernels that will otherwise preview to a graphics crash as the QuickLook doesn't allow for the fullest rendering that won't result in some kind of truncated rendering process as can happen especially with QC files in QuickLook.

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Re: how to disable qtz preview in finder

I'd seen that option but I like the preview column, just not for qtz files - I could even handle no render for everything but I use the meta data a lot (file size etc).

I'm sure there was a way in QC of having an input port be true when its in preview mode - then you just put everything inside a macro and connect this port to its enable

I just can't for the life of me find the name of the input port.