randomly loading single words in qc

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hej everybody. i am trying to built a composition in qc where three lines consisting of single words are randomly combined whith each other.

so far i have use three simple "Image With String" patches displaying on a sprite - and i am filling thestring content later in resolume avenue.

however this is quite buggy. after saving the file in in resolume the content is deleted when i reload the the composition.

is there a way to do load randomly words from a textfile in qc?



randomtext_enger.qtz5.01 KB

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Re: randomly loading single words in qc

Does Kineme File Tools / String with File do what your after ?

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Re: randomly loading single words in qc

already one step closer since i can set up the content in qc directly. thx for that -

does anyone know a way in displaying only a single word from an .rtf or .txt file havin a whole list of words inside


house fire kitchen

  • and i just want to display "house" or "fire" or "kitchen" randomly

setting the .txt with String with File will display

house fire kitchen

(sorry for my crazy english..)

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Re: randomly loading single words in qc

It would mean reformatting the text into a .plist file to use Structure from File and File to String just saves a .plist.

They are useful in combination.

However, another approach can be found and further modified from the excellent ASCII JS examples to be found here http://kineme.net/Applications/Compositions/JavaScriptTextMessings, made by toneburst.