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Hello All,

So I'm new to everything on this one, I not even really a quartz programmer I just noodled my way around to where I am now. I've managed put together a simple quartz file that takes an image input and allows me to independently manipulate the x and y coordinates of the corners of the image. Meaning I've got 8 point keystoning for projection purposes. What I would like to do is try to use the ArtDmx Receiver to listen to dmx on our artnet network from the LX desk to control these 8 points in real time.

So in the end it would be 8 8-Bit Channels (0-255) 2 Channels per corner 1x and 1y.

I've found a pile of info on artnet out from quartz does anyone have any helpful info on artnet in they would like to share.

Where I'm stuck I believe is how to create an input channel structure to then link to my x/y values

Thanks in advance,



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Re: Artnet In

My advice is to hire me :-P

The artnet gives you a structure from the start, so you don't need to create a structure. I want to be delicate, but if you're asking that, you probably are in over your head.

What you need to do is split off pieces of the structure, and then be able to conceive a logical way to scale the values and connect them to do what you want, without the board operator getting in over their head.

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Re: Artnet In

FWIW, you can get the incoming artnet, and use structure index patches to sort the data coming from the board. Then, just hook it to what it needs to control. It's kind of touchy setting something like this up, because it's pushing data from the "front end" whereas QC evaluates from the "back". If you endeavor to do this yourself, expect a lot of time involved, and a lot of finicky and icky issues about QC will come to light.

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Re: Artnet In

Hi Chris, i am also a LX dude - i wonder if you could send me the 8-point keystone?

I can advise you with artnet adressing if you wan't.

Best, soren

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Re: Artnet In

Hello Fellow Lighting People!

Here is a simple 2D Keystone Example,

It could easily be hooked into the ArtDMX Patch, It was designed to be 16 Bit, because thats what I needed, but most consoles support this anyway.


Simple 2D Keystone.qtz61.17 KB