Help with random walk bezier

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I'm looking for a little bit of help with re-creating something like toneburst's random walk bezier lines but I'm not quite proficient enough with some of the gl structure tools to figure it out quite yet. I know he has some examples that use more structured shapes in the forums, but I just want to work with a simple line. This is more specifically the example that I want to tease out:

but I haven't been able to find the quartz implementation for it. Anyone have some leads or some nudges in the proper direction?

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Re: Help with random walk bezier

Look at the "GL Look At Very Cool" link that should come up below this discussion. That has some variations on that composition.

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Re: Help with random walk bezier

here is a walk with look. its not really random as i'm using the audio spectrum to generate a ribbon but the principle can be applied to line structure if you want.

3d_Audio_Look_Walk.qtz90.12 KB

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Re: Help with random walk bezier

ah..that was it! I was looking at that thread but didn't scroll down all of the way..thanks guys!