Kinect camera, Removing Shadow from the depth image

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I need to remove the black Shadow from the Depth image on the kinect camera. Does any one know how this can be accomplished

thanks Cliff

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Re: Kinect camera, Removing Shadow from the depth image

what do you mean by remove the black shadow ? your using the kineme plugin ? the depth image is white with kinect tools ? you get some shadow pockets in the depth image because your blocking the ir point cloud from reaching your body when lets say your hand in front of you. this makes an alpha cut in your depth image not really a black shadow ?

what i do is turn all the pixels white at a certain depth and all other black even the alpha channel. this sort of gets rid of that shadow alpha channel thing i'm thinking your referring to. to me this gives the best mask possible. i'm getting a solid 60-100 fps on a macbook pro.

this patch uses v002 open kinect but will work with kineme kinect tools you will just have to adjust the depth settings. i thought i sent this to you all ready ? maybe i'm misunderstanding the question can you take a picture of the issue your referring ?

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