Kineme 3D Heightfield Steps Limit

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I've just been tweaking and tinkering a visualizer using an iterated Polygon Mode Object Rendered Kinem 3D Heightfield and run into a problem when seeking to go for 128 steps.

Instant crash.

Is 128 steps just asking way too much :-) ?


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Re: Kineme 3D Heightfield Steps Limit

And apparently not :-) - just tried a 128 step heightfield without difficulty. [but not in the prior composition, a stripped down version]

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Re: Kineme 3D Heightfield Steps Limit

No, 128 steps should work fine. (I just tested it on my system, and I was able to get good (60fps-ish) performance with 512x512 steps. 1024x1024 works, too, but chugs along.)

What does the backtrace of the crash look like? Can you post a simplified-but-still-crashing composition?

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Re: Kineme 3D Heightfield Steps Limit

i usually divide the screen sizes in half or more by pixels and hook them up to step size. not sure if its best to keep a square ratio or not but i haven't run into any problems at 128+. i really like the k3d height field. even though i have a bunch of cl, gl, glsl type of alternatives it is integrated into k3d which makes things like using 2 height fields possible. like for instance using a 2 particle system to 2 generate a k3d height fields that can be blend rendered together (given they have == steps). this gives you a nice old school watery 3d mesh. admittedly this effect runs best the smaller the step size.