PS3 / SIXAXIS / DualShock controller mapping

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Hello all,

Since recently getting a PS3 controller in the house, I decided to mess a bit with it this afternoon. The result is a macro that maps the incomprehensible values from the HID patch into something more readable. Attaching in case anyone could use it.

All in all, this is an amazingly expressive controller. All the main buttons have digital output as well as analog pressure sensing, and there are motion / tilt controls as well. I'm looking forward to hooking things up so I can play around with video mixing with the thing, even though the Xbox360 controller is a better fit for my hands, being bigger and all.

Anyway, the Bluetooth pairing went without hitch for me, though QC seems to not read the controller properly when the USB cable is attached, so I had to use it wirelessly. This is on Snow Leopard.

Lastly, can anyone help with making sense of the force outputs? Those are mapped to the outlets from the HID patch that reacted to motion, but I can't make sense of them with regards to which axes they use.

DualShock3.macro01.qtz25.39 KB

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Re: PS3 / SIXAXIS / DualShock controller mapping

Sweet, I've been using the PS3 controller for a while with VDMX for various things. I made a macro like yours and hooked it up to a demultiplexer for multiple pages of control. It'd be cool if we could access the lights on the controller for page navigation or whatever.


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Re: PS3 / SIXAXIS / DualShock controller mapping

I try to use midi send out with QC MIDI Controllers Sender and also open the IAC driver ~ to mapping - Resolume Avenue -. It also work ! so it can also do the midi mapping with others VJ program.