Quartz Builder and User Nibs

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Hello gang! 2 questions:

1.) Is there a way for the input parameters window to auto-open upon launch of a compiled QB app?

2.) The nib files are compiled (non-readable/editable) on a finished QB app. How/is there a way to use my own nib file using QB?

thanks! jd

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Re: Quartz Builder and User Nibs

  1. In the "Window Outputs" patch provided by the QuartzBuilder protocol template, you can set the "Parameters Visible" input to True --- this will cause the parameters window to open on startup.
  2. Currently we don't have a mechanism for loading user Nibs into a QuartzBuilder application. Please describe what you have in mind in some more detail, and we'll investigate adding support in a future release.

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Re: Quartz Builder and User Nibs

what would be great in a future release is support for quicktime movies in builder. currently this is not working. also a file open dialogue (image or mov) would be good to have.

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Re: Quartz Builder and User Nibs

@volkerk: I hear you. Unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about QuickTime not working in QuartzBuilder (among many other third-party Quartz Composer-using applications), due to some architectural issues with QuickTime.

We're working on an alternative, non-QuickTime-based video player patch.