Video input doesnt work ?

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Hi , im new to quarz , i want to stream my webcam and add effects to it.

But i dont see the image being streamed , any ideas ?

thanx !

Heres the setup :

video_inut.jpg171.99 KB

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Re: Video input doesnt work ?

what is your image resize set to?

what happens if you skip all the filter stuff, and just plug the video input into the sphere?

What kind of camera are you using (the built-in iSight, or an external camera? if it's external, it may not work)

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Re: Video input doesnt work ?

If by chance a camera other than iSight needs to be chosen and if it isn't showing up in Settings in the Video Input patch's Inspector Panel, you could try running Quartz Composer in 32-bit mode (Quartz>File>Get Info>Open in 32-bit mode). That's what I have to do get my virtual cam software to appear as an available cam source in the Video Input patch.

As for 'streaming' your cam and adding effects, do you mean simply accessing the camera in a Quartz Composition (it sounds like you do mean it that way), or do you also mean streaming as in broadcasting your cam, with effects added, to the web? Broadcasting cams to the web with QC effects added is a separate but related consideration for which there is a resource posting on the Kineme wiki: Streaming With Quartz Composer

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Re: Video input doesnt work ?

Thanx you guys , im flyong from mexico to berlin tomorrow so ill check all those tips you gave me and post an answer , im using the built in camera in a mac boom pro by the way.

thanx !!!!