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Does anyone know how to create a slideshow using an image index like this one?

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Re: Website image index

There is an example in download that indexs the image locations, should be easier enough for you from there to create a slide show, if not look in the dev examples for the slideshow example comp

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Re: Website image index

The real crunch point on the Image Importer is if it still displays a functional update signal option, without it it is pretty well useless and is sometimes found to be broken by system updates.

Good shout on the CogeWebKit.

Funny how an XML list can prove to be a more reliable deployer of image downloading though. Just make those URL lists and download away.

I guess there might even have been deep and intense discussions in house on the QC team regards the possibility of abusing QC's Image Importer patch as a means of Directory Traversal exploits.